Peter Goltra, President
Peter Goltra is the founder and President of Medicomp Systems, Incorporated. An electrical engineer with a passion for improving healthcare delivery, Goltra has been a visionary in the field of medical informatics for over 30 years and a driving force in the convergence of medicine and technology. Read more

David Lareau, Chief Executive Officer
David Lareau is Chief Executive Officer of Medicomp. Lareau joined Medicomp in 1995 and has responsibility for operations and product management, including customer relations and marketing. Prior to joining Medicomp, Lareau founded a company that installed management communication networks in large enterprises such as…Read more

Dan Gainer, Chief Technology Officer
Dan Gainer is Chief Technology Officer of Medicomp. Gainer joined Medicomp in 2005 as a Senior Software Engineer and led the charge to move the company to web-based capabilities. Before joining Medicomp, Gainer co-founded a company that provides accounting software for small businesses that contract with the federal government. Read more

jay-smJay Anders, Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Jay Anders is Chief Medical Officer of Medicomp Systems. Dr. Anders supports product development, serving as a representative and voice for the physician and healthcare community that Medicomp’s products serve. Prior to joining Medicomp, Dr. Anders served as the Chief Medical Officer for McKesson Business Performance Services…Read more

Dr. Luann Whittenburg, PhD, RN, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer
Dr. Luann Whittenburg, PhD, RN, APRN, CPHQ, is the Chief Nursing Informatics Officer. Dr. Whittenburg joined Medicomp in 2009 to integrate a nursing terminology standard into MEDCIN. She brings requirement specification experience in health information management and technology, clinical knowledge of healthcare, and health standards experience; national and international. Read more

Amy Jacobs, MS, BS, ANCC , Terminology Specialist
Amy Jacobs is a Terminology Specialist at Medicomp Systems. She joined the company in 2010 and, as a member of the terminology team, is responsible for mapping projects, including mapping MEDCIN to other standard terminologies, such as ICD-10-CM, SNOMEDCT, RxNorm, LOINC, and others. Read more

Jean Makurat, Knowledge Management
Jean Makurat is Knowledge Management Leader at Medicomp Systems. She joined the company in 1989, initially using her expertise in biology and knowledge of the German language and German literature to translate medical terminology from English into German. Read more


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