Peter Goltra, President

Peter Goltra is the founder and President of Medicomp Systems, Incorporated. An electrical engineer with a passion for improving healthcare delivery, Goltra has been a visionary in the field of medical informatics for more than 30 years and a driving force in the convergence of medicine and technology. Goltra’s vision has always been to improve medical care by giving doctors a comprehensive system that enables them to electronically review and update medical records without compromising time with patients. By collaborating with physicians from Cornell, Harvard, Johns Hopkins and the Department of Defense, Goltra continuously expands and refines the company’s technology-based offerings to match the evolving and real-world needs of clinicians. Goltra is the primary architect and engineer of MEDCIN®, the clinical knowledge engine embedded in leading EHR systems. MEDCIN-based systems have the potential to reshape the face of healthcare in the inevitable transition to a national electronic medical records database. By using MEDCIN-based technology, physicians worldwide can share and update patient files. A resource of this caliber has the power to speed the delivery of care, decrease prescription errors, reduce redundant lab tests and eliminate medical inaccuracies resulting from lack of access to patients’ records. As a thought leader with the ability to help shape the future of EHR, along with the new Administration’s support of EHR in healthcare reform, Goltra is poised to help guide policy development for a national EHR system.




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