Make MACRA Magic – Webinar

In the face of ever-evolving regulations, health systems are struggling to adapt to the new reality of quality-based payment models. The scary current state is that most providers aren’t prepared to meet MACRA measures—and even fewer providers are prepared to do so without increasing the administrative burden on their already busy physicians. Succeeding in the new business of healthcare demands a smarter, streamlined approach, supported by technology.

Our new webinar, How to Make MACRA Magic in Your EHR, focuses on strategies and solutions that work within your current infrastructure, to help your physicians meet MACRA measures without getting in their way or slowing them down.

Our experts, David Lareau, Medicomp’s CEO, and Dr. Jay Anders, Medicomp’s Chief Medical Officer, will explain how to integrate MACRA requirements into physicians’ clinical documentation process, in a way that mirrors how they think and work—to make compliance simple, easy, and automated.

Join us on Tuesday, April 12th at 1pm ET to learn how to:

  • Decode the 2,400 pages of MACRA regulations into actionable insights
  • Effectively integrate MACRA measures into physicians’ documentation workflow with the enablement of structured data
  • Embed a solution in your existing system that prompts physicians with smart workflows to streamline processes
  • Avoid the top four MACRA mistakes that impact physician productivity and satisfaction