Quippe™ is an easy-to-use and learn integrated physician and nursing documentation tool that takes care of all coding and compliance requirements at the point of care. This software development kit (SDK)  is available on multiple platforms and can be deployed locally or over the internet on both mobile and desktop devices connecting users across the enterprise.


Quippe is powered by the MEDCIN Engine, which is embedded in leading EHRs around the world and maps to current codes needed to satisfy billing and compliance. Its dynamic interface allows clinicians to see the total patient picture in an adaptive, easy-to-use platform. Quippe handles billing, coding and compliance requirements as a natural by-product of the clinician’s documentation process so there is no extra work needed.


The powerful MEDCIN Engine is a proven knowledge engine that adapts to the unique clinical presentation of each patient and provides enterprises with all the codes needed for compliance and reimbursement. It allows clinicians easy access to the critical information they need to care for the patient while they document. Quippe not only solves current requirements and documentation-related challenges, it’s easy to update, open-ended design also addresses future requirements.


Quippe Benefits

  • Takes care of documentation for all users, in all settings, at the point of care.
  • Easy to learn with training under 4 hours.
  • ICD 10-CM ready.
  • Clinical decision support at the point of care.
  • Satisfies billing and Meaningful Use compliance requirements and documentation automatically with no extra action required, as the clinician enters information.
  • Clinically contextual views provide critical information at the point of care.
  • Enables sharing of information and care coordination.
  • Tracking and execution of directives and care.
  • Flexible deployment, cloud or locally-hosted.
  • Compatible with most EHR systems.
  • Open-ended design satisfies today’s requirements while easily adapting to future mandates.




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