• See 30% more patients immediately with Quippe.

• Doctors love it.

• Integrates easily into most EHRs.



Quippe™ is an easy-to-use documentation tool that doctors love to use. It saves them time so that they can see more patients. It works with your existing EHR and it takes care of all documentation and coding as a natural by-product of the clinician’s documentation process.


Quippe comes as a software development kit (SDK) and is available on multiple platforms and can be deployed locally or over the internet on both mobile and desktop devices. It connects all users across the enterprise and enables all users to use just one documentation tool. Its dynamic interface allows clinicians to see what they need for each individual patient when they need it without having to look through patient files or data.


Quippe is easily customized to look any way that you like. It comes with basic notes, or templates, that can be used as is, or modified as needed to meet the needs, preferences of individual users.


Quippe is powered by the MEDCIN Engine, a proven knowledge engine that makes clinical data usable at the point of care. It adapts to the unique clinical presentation of each patient and provides all codes needed for compliance and reimbursement. It allows clinicians easy access to the critical information they need to care for the patient while they document.


Quippe Benefits

  • Doctors love it.
  • It saves doctors time and they can see more patients.
  • Works with your existing EHR.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Customizable to look any way you like.
  • Takes care of documentation at the point of care.
  • ICD 10-CM ready and satisfies MU.
  • Clinically contextual views and decision support at the point of care.
  • Enables sharing of information and care coordination.
  • Tracking and execution of directives and care.
  • Flexible deployment, cloud or locally-hosted.
  • Open-ended design satisfies today’s requirements while easily adapting to future mandates.


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Medicomp Systems announced today that one of the leading hospitals in Asia, Bumrungrad International Hospital, just celebrated their one-year anniversary of using Quippe nursing documentation tools. Quippe is Medicomp’s easy-to-use clinical documentation system which uses the MEDCIN Engine to prompt individualized patient care protocols. Bumrungrad International Hospital is a Joint Commission ...

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Michelle Noteboom: Give me a bit of background on Medicomp and what Medicomp does. Dave Lareau: Medicomp was founded by Peter Goltra in 1978 and the main mission since its founding was to present relevant clinical information to the physician at the point-of-care so they can document and treat the patient. That’s really the core of what […]

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