Clinically Connected Care.

Medicomp Systems’ products make Clinically Connected Care a reality. Quippe and the MEDCIN Engine enable integration of care plans and documentation across the enterprise with a single documentation tool for all users in all settings. It is so easy to use, and clinically powerful, that it actually enhances each interaction with the patient, thus reinforcing the connection between doctor and patient, instead of getting in the way. 

Usable Clinical Power at the Point of Care.

EHR users are being bombarded with a tsunami of data coming in from external sources.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find patient-relevant data and use it for clinical decision support at the point of care. Our MEDCIN Engine and other technologies can be added to most EHRs so that clinical information can be sorted, filtered and presented based on each patient’s unique clinical situation.

Medicomp Products Enhance Interoperability.

Medicomp products can be integrated into most EHRs and provide the links between terminologies required by Meaningful Use to connect clinical information across the enterprise. With Quippe and The MEDCIN Engine, users can share information and operate with one single documentation tool in ambulatory, inpatient and home settings connecting doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and patients.

Medicomp is ICD-10-CM Ready.

The MEDCIN Engine provides all the content and tools needed for the transition to ICD-10-CM.

Quippe Greatly Enhances EHRs Usability.

Quippe, Medicomp’s easy-to-learn-and-use physician and nursing documentation tool works in conjunction with the MEDCIN Engine to make EHRs more usable across the enterprise. The software development kit (SDK) is easily integrated into most EHRs and can run over the internet and on most mobile devices at the point of care. Quippe was designed by clinicians to support the way they think and work. It offers Intelligent Prompting™ with automatic “look back” to present relevant clinical data from past encounters without the clinician having to ask. Quippe handles billing, coding and compliance requirements as a natural by-product of documentation, so no extra work is needed.

Medicomp Products Satisfies All Stages of Meaningful Use CQM.

The MEDCIN Engine has mappings for all codes required for Meaningful Use stage 2, and beyond. When the clinician uses Quippe and the MEDCIN Engine, the required coding is done from the documentation automatically – no extra steps required – as the clinician focuses on the patient at the point of care.

Medicomp Products Integrate into Most EHRs or Legacy Systems.

The MEDCIN Engine and Quippe can be integrated into existing EHR systems. Quippe and the MEDCIN Engine are available on multiple platforms, and can be deployed locally or over the internet on both mobile and desktop devices. Rather than starting over or heavily interrupting development and implementation efforts, Medicomp products can be easily integrated into current and legacy systems, enabling clinically connected care.

Click to learn more about The MEDCIN Engine or Quippe. To schedule a demo or learn how to put the power of the MEDCIN Engine in your EHR, contact info@medicomp.com.


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