Medicomp Systems’ Quippe documentation tools enable physicians to see more patients,
integrate easily with any EHR, and provide clinical usability at the point of care.

Why Medicomp?


Medicomp Systems make technologies that are added to electronic health records that make clinically connected care a reality. Medicomp technologies were developed to improve care and make it easier for doctors to treat patients first versus satisfying requirements. Quippe, Medicomp’s easy to use documentation tool backed by the powerful MEDCIN Engine, works with new and existing EHRs to enhance usability and interoperability. Medicomp tools work by making data more usable, and relevant at the point of care, providing doctors with just the information they need when they need. Medicomp’s tools are so easy to use, and clinically powerful, that it actually enhances each interaction with the patient, thus reinforcing the connection between doctor and patient, instead of getting in the way.


Medicomp Makes Data Usable at the Point of Care.

EHR users are being bombarded with a tsunami of data coming in from external sources, making it increasingly difficult to find patient-relevant data and use it for clinical decision support at the point of care. Medicomp technologies work with existing EHRs to sort, filter and present clinical information based on each patient’s unique clinical situation.


Quippe Makes Doctors Love Their EHR.

  • Quippe saves doctors time so they can spend more time with the patient
  • Quippe is, intuitive, easy to learn and use.
  • Quippe is intuitive and provides them what they need at the point of care.
  • Quippe takes care of all documentation as a by-product of use.


What is the ROI for Implementing Quippe into an Existing EHR?

  • Quippe saves time so doctors can see more patients.
  • Quippe increases work flow.
  • Quippe integrates easily into your existing EHR with minimal downtime for development or training.
  • Quippe requires little to no training.
  • Quippe connects all users with one documentation tool across the enterprise.
  • Quippe takes care of documentation at the point of care.
  • Quippe satisfies MU and ICD-10 requirements.


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