Quippe modules work with any EHR system to provide clinicians with point-of-care documentation and clinical viewer tools that they love to use.

Quippe Clinical Lens

Every EHR includes voluminous amounts of medical information, only some of which is relevant for a patient at any specific point in time. Users of such systems report spending an inordinate amount of time trying to find, and correlate, relevant clinical data. In fact, many physicians report giving up the search, and proceeding to make clinical decisions with incomplete information.


Quippe Clinical Lens provides a physician with a problem-oriented view of all relevant clinical data for any known, or suspected, disease state.


By enabling a clinician to quickly see and focus on actionable, relevant clinical data, doctors can concentrate their efforts on a specific problem and eliminate all other “clinical static”. This results in improved patient care, better outcomes, and higher clinical effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.


Quippe Clinical Lens is powered by the same engine that lies at the core of Quippe Physician Documentation and Quippe Nursing Documentation.


Quippe Clinical Lens can accept data from all sources, including interfaces such as existing HL-7 protocols, FHIR, or direct data feeds from any clinical database.